This game is free to download and contains a few maps. Additional maps are available for purchase. You can unlock all the maps via a one-time payment of "All Maps & Modding". It includes everything for single player including skirmishing against the AI or hotseat with friends and family.

Please also note, this game is not pay-2-win (or pay-2-play), but focused on skill.

Try it in the Browser

Try it in your browser before you download. Limitations: temporary file system, i.e. data might not save between runs. Limited number of translations. Also, performance and audio might not be as good as one would like.

WebGL Canvas in Browser...

Direct Downloads

Our binaries patch and update the game automatically every time it is run. Make sure you are connected to the internet when you startup to get the latest version.

Windows downloads for Windows XP+ or higher.

Windows 64bit install64.exe Windows 64bit Windows 32bit install32.exe Windows 32bit

Universal Mac OS X downloads for Mac OS X 10.7.3+ (unless marked as 'legacy').

Mac OS X 64bit bundle.dmg

Linux OS downloads. Use the 'generic' version if the regular binaries don't work.

Linux amd64 amd64.tar.gz Linux arm32 arm.tar.gz Linux arm64 arm64.tar.gz Linux (generic) generic.tar.gz

3rd Party Downloads

Downloads are available from the following stores.

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Our software do not contain spyware, malware or third party software of such kind. Although the applications have been thoroughly tested, it is possible that they run slow or not at all on certain devices.

Legacy Binaries

If you are looking for Age of Conquest III, you can download the games from our legacy binaries page.